Sign up for the Great Harrisburg Cleanup!

It takes place on Saturday, May 3rd, and the intention is that people across the city join together to pick up litter from Harrisburg’s streets, alleys, vacant lots, parks, playgrounds, and public spaces. 

It’s the second one organized by Clean & Green Harrisburg, a coalition of regional partners working together to educate, empower, and enforce laws and ordinances designed to stop litter and trash dumping.

During last year’s first Great Harrisburg Cleanup, 500 volunteers collected 114 tons of trash from city streets filling 21 dumpsters.

This year, new partner LCSWMA—who recently bought the Harrisburg Incinerator—is not only donating supplies for the event, but also has agreed to waive the tipping fees for the “street trash” collected that day by volunteers.

The success of the Great Harrisburg Cleanup is based on the collaboration of many different organizations, businesses, and levels of governments.

More significantly, though, it is absolutely reliant on citizens coming together that day to do what needs to be done—pick up litter.

So, gather neighbors, friends, and the compelled, pick a place, register your crew (for free supplies), and do it.

Head to one of the three staging areas that day to get your supplies & information:

•Wesley Union AME Zion Church, 5th & Camp Streets (Uptown)
•Historic Harrisburg Resource Center, N3rd & Verbeke Streets (Midtown/Downtown)
•Community Action Commission, 1514 Derry Street (South and Central Allison Hill)

More information on registration and trash pick up that day>>> The Great Harrisburg Cleanup

Great Harrisburg Cleanup Draft Poster

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It only takes a couple of minutes to make the City better.

From residents to business owners, we all see it. Garbage is strewn about the streets and sidewalks, trashcans overflow, vacant lots are overgrown, weeds grow wild at the bottom of light posts, sewer grates are covered in leaves, & cobwebs are everywhere.

It’s not just noticeable in one place, one neighborhood, or one district. Every part of the City lacks maintenance—Riverfront to Allison Hill, Paxton Street to Italian Lake, along the City’s main corridors and in its miles of alleyways.

So, who’s going to do it, Harrisburg? Who is going to tend to the sidewalks and the lots, to the parks and the basketball courts, to the tree wells andthe trashy 2minTuesdayLogocorners?

The answer is us.

By just tidying up what we can handle on our own, we establish a habit that becomes the city’s pride.

2Minute Tuesday. It’s a call to action. It’s a campaign of civic duty and business practice. It’s a way for the people of the region to work together to help fix the City of Harrisburg. Two minutes is all it takes. If every resident and business takes a couple of minutes once a week to be more engaged in maintaining the city, the city will be a cleaner better, and safer place for anyone and everyone to live, work, and play.

As it is now, if we don’t do it, then the rubbish will stick in stoop corners and cobwebs will gather giving the whole city the appearance of being unkempt, disheveled, and in demise.

By just taking two minutes on a Tuesday, we can make a difference. The City of Harrisburg will improve and it will be because of us and our efforts to clean up, sweep up, and tidy up this place.


Tara Leo Auchey

Tara Leo Auchey

Creator & editor of today's the day Harrisburg, started in 2009. Resident, engaged citizen, community activist, teacher, strategist, writer.
Tara Leo Auchey