The house that Jersey built.

He was loved and loathed. He was admired and envied. He was steady and brash. He was quick to laugh and quick to vex. He was solitary and collective. He was here, there, and everywhere. He was Jersey Mike.

On November 18th, he died at thirty-six years old after suffering a heart attack. The heart attack took not just the life of a vibrant personality, the life of a promoter and a writer, the life of a father, son, and friend, but it also it took the life of one of the City of Harrisburg’s greatest assets. Jersey was committed to making this place better. Whether it was with words, music, t-shirts, or drinks and food, he threw higher standards on the table for anyone and everyone to grab. He knew this City teeters on a precipice of to be cool or not to be, and Mike was convinced cool it should be. He leaves behind that legacy.

This ttdHBG Communitycast is about him. The night the news was heard, a group of people gathered to be together in their sorrow and remembrance. Throughout the night, some said a few words into the mic. Click the arrow below to listen. 

Recorded at the Abbey Bar at the Appalachian Brewing Company, November 18, 2012. Thank you to all of the other City of Harrisburg cast members who contributed to this Communitycast including Sara Bozich, Devin Chwastyk, Wade Yankey, Caleb Smith, Danielle Lucas, Tierney Pomone, Shannon Williams, Jonathan Smith, William Cluck, Larry Binda, Andrea Black, Josh Filmore, Brian Ostella, Dave Sheranko, Chris Hoke, Jedidiah Slaboda, and Benjamin Ketchum. Engineered & edited by Kevin Shoaff.