On Tuesday night, in a Special Legislative Session, Harrisburg City Council elected its next member.

It wasn’t a smooth move, though.

Procedurally, the process was to go like this: 6 candidates; City Council nominates candidates for vote; nominees need a second to count; nominees who get a second proceed to vote; first nominee that gets four votes, wins the seat.

To start off the process, Harrisburg City Clerk, Kirk Petroski, called for nominees.

Brad Koplinski nominated Joe Solomon. Seconded by Eugenia Smith. Next nominee was Michael Parker, seconded by Wanda Williams. Third nominee was Bruce Weber, nominated by Susan Brown Wilson and seconded.

Vote called—Solomon 1; Parker 2; Weber 3.

Two more times, same vote.

So at this point, Harrisburg City Council began the process again, starting at the nomination step.

Same nominees nominated. Same firsts and seconds.

Votes called. Same votes as before—Solomon 1; Parker 2; Weber 3.

Stubbornness clearly set in as evidenced by City Councilors subsequent vocalized reasons for their nominations. Councilor Kelly Summerford was especially fervent about the nomination of Michael Parker as was Sandra Reid about the nomination of Bruce Weber.

After a second round, another three series of votes called and no change, at this point, Harrisburg City Council publicly discussed  table’ing the vote, which they decided against.

Third round. Third time’s a charm.

Nominations called. Same nominations as previous times, expect this time, Koplinski’s nominee former District Judge Joe Solomon didn’t get a second from Eugenia Smith who seconded his nomination twice before but never voted for him. On this third time, she didn’t second the candidate.

Now, with two nominees–Michael Parker and Bruce Weber—the vote is called.

Weber wins, 4-2. Wilson, Reid, Smith, and Koplinski with Summerford and Williams voting for Parker.

Bruce Weber was immediately sworn in by Dauphin County Judge Bruce Bratton. Here’s Weber’s statement:

I am humbled and honored to have been chosen by my Council colleagues to serve out the remaining time of Representative-elect Kim’s term of office.

The City is truly blessed to have so many active, engaged, and committed citizens who stepped forward during this appointment process.

I look forward to getting to work on behalf of the people of Harrisburg immediately, in order to help the city move closely to fulfilling its promising civic and economic potential

Weber has announced he will not seek a term beyond his one year appointment. If he did decide to run (which he can’t as a State employee, a fiscal analyst for the PA Department of Revenue) he would have to begin campaigning of the May 2013 primary along with the open seats of President Wanda Williams; Eugenia Smith; and Kelly Summerford.

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