As released by Trash to Treasure Festival:

Call for Exhibitors: Trash to Treasure Festival

Announcement: The organizers of the Trash to Treasure Festival (T2T Festival) are seeking local environmental groups, civic organizations, and artists for our upcoming May 3rd event at the Broad Street Market (Midtown Harrisburg). Now is the time to introduce sustainable topics and the great work that you are doing in your communities to the public. Exhibit space is available on a first come first serve basis and we look forward to sharing your work with the community.

Benefits: Proceeds assist in funding youth environmental and art groups in Harrisburg. The benefits to your organization includes:

      • Collaboration with similar organizations
      • Opportunity to meet potential new members
      • Publicize the hard work and projects that your group does in your community and upcoming events.

Festival Date & Time: Saturday, May 3rd from 10am-3pm

Location: Exhibit Space is located between the two Broad Street Market buildings 

Festival Description:

The T2T Festival is designed to function as the union of a block party, a sustainability fair, a youth art/environmental group fundraiser, and a place where civic organizations, higher education opportunities, and DIY exhibitors can unite! The T2T Festival is focused on sustainable actions and opportunities for citizens of Harrisburg and the Capital Area. This event will provide a fun, family-friendly, and hands-on approach to learning about sustainable topics and how these concepts can assist individuals, schools, and the local community. Exhibitors and artists will be in attendance to provide resources, examples, and fun activities that emphasize the practices of re-use, recycling, and up-cycling (the practice of taking household objects and turning them into some new purpose).

In addition, the T2T Festival wishes to promote the work that is already being done in the community and provide resources for citizens to identify organizations that could use items that they no longer want or need. The T2T Festival also realizes the importance of providing youth the resources and opportunities to make a positive impact on the community. For this reason, we have identified the Harrisburg School District along with youth art and environmental education programs as benefactors for the fundraising component of the festival. Proceeds from the sale of art items and a recycling campaign will fund these programs.

Festival Objectives:

    • Create an atmosphere for citizen involvement and illuminate youth organizations.
    • Promote reuse and sustainable action and provide a resource on environmental topics.
    • Promote the local “Art” scene and raise revenue for youth art programs.
    • Provide a forum for environmental organizations to have an opportunity to exhibit their work and build networks.
    • Provide a forum to identify organizations that can use “unwanted” materials.

Please email:[email protected] or visit us on Facebook under Trash to Treasure Festival and FresHarrisburg group. In addition, we are on twitter @FresHarrisburg