My name is Charlie DeBrunner and I’m running for Harrisburg City Controller.

Why am I running? I believe we all deserve a government that’s honest, competent, and that cares about its citizens, a government that treats its citizens with the kind of respect we all deserve. We also need someone who’s qualified to hold the position.

Feather penI don’t think we have that today. It’s a problem, and as a citizen of the city, I want to be part of the solution.

Part of that solution calls for an independent voice as Controller. I’m both independent and qualified. First off, I have a good understanding of how the city’s budget works. I was the city’s budget director when Harold Swenson was mayor. In addition, I served as vice president of finance for the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania. My master’s degree is in public administration from Penn State. I know my way around financial documents.

I’ve never been active in city politics, so I’m beholden to no one. I’ve raised money for my campaign with small donations, mostly from friends and neighbors who know me and are looking for an honest guy in the Controller’s office. I have no other political ambitions beyond serving as your Controller, an office I seek because our city needs an independent watchdog in the Controller’s office and believe I can be that guy.

Here’s who I am:

I’ve spent the better part of my career working as an advocate for inner-city hospitals. In that role, I work to make sure that these hospitals receive sufficient funding from Medicaid and other government sources to ensure that the underprivileged have access to a full range of quality health care services.

I’ve been involved with many groups over the years that have tried to improve our city with particular focus on improving the opportunities of our children. I served on the boards of St. Stephen’s School and the Harrisburg Public School Foundation. I was also on the board of Susquehanna University, where I attended college. I worked with Susquehanna University’s chief diversity officer to try to develop relationships within the Harrisburg School District that would lead to opportunities for Harrisburg graduates to go to Susquehanna. I worked closely with Big Brothers/Big Sisters to coordinate their social mentoring programs so that students are prepared for a college experience.

I’m a member of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church at 19th and Market Sts. I’ve served on the board and am presently a lay reader and chalice bearer. Although our church is small in size, we – along with our sister church, St. Andrew’s in the Valley – operate a clothing bank and soup kitchen and my wife coordinates our church’s participation in the Ecumenical Food Pantry.

So as you can see, while I may be new at running for elected office, I’m certainly no stranger to public service or to the City of Harrisburg.

I’m running because  believe we can if we work at making our government more honest, competent, and that cares about its citizens.

If you have any more questions about myself or my campaign for City Controller, please email me at [email protected]

Charles DeBrunner is running for Harrisburg City Controller in the 2013 Election. Currently, he has no contenders.


Editors note: Any and all candidates on the City of Harrisburg ballot for any elected office is welcome to submit a Two Cents Worth. Please send here.

Illustration by Ammon Perry: Doodletillomega: Illustrations and Drawings by Ammon Perry

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