• 9 Criminal mischief/vandalism
  • 29 Thefts
  • 5 Robberies
      • 10/8–Royal Terrace and State Sts, 8:50 PM
      • 10/10–1st block of N Cameron (ABC parking lot), 10:13 PM
      • 10/12–Chestnut and Court Sts, 4:00PM
      • 10/13–16th and Derry Sts, 11:35 PM
      • 10/3–1800 N 3rd St, 12:52 PM
  • 8 Burglaries
      • 10/7–1500 Berryhill St
      • 10/8–600 N 3rd St
      • 10/9–1600 Green St
      • 10/9–2100 N 6th St
      • 10/9–1st block S 19th St (10/4)
      • 10/10–200 S 18th St
      • 10/11–Hall Manor
      • 10/13–2100 Swatara St
  • 19 Assaults
  • 8 Shootings (community center)

Notes: One of the assaults was a rape. One of the assaults was propulsion of missiles into an occupied vehicle. Another of the assaults was an attempt/cause serious injury to teaching staff (same address as previous call for assault on teaching staff-2900 N 6th).

Two of the thefts occurred in Bellevue Park. One theft involved two vehicles with smashed windows; the other was the theft of four tires from a vehicle parked behind the owner’s house.

compiled by Jan Konkle

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