review of the news from last week. Catch up at a glance.

Headlines-1About that $11 million the Harrisburg School District discovered……This past Tuesday, the Harrisburg School Board and Chief Recover Officer asked the teacher’s union for some more time to vote on the $11 million found. The union agreed because it means teachers could get full pay back. PennLive–Teachers union promises patience while Harrisburg School Board continues recovery plan amendments

Help for city kids. Having just left the Harrisburg School District, teacher and principle Roma Benjamin is opening A New Sound Academy to offer youth 1st through 8th grade after school tutoring and counseling. PennLive–Harrisburg city educator to open education academy, new door in life

How the Papenfuse Administration is doing so far. Under new administration, the City of Harrisburg is getting things done and residents say what needs added to the the list.

City sinkholes and streetlights. A sink hole opened just a block away from last year’s huge sinkhole that closed the street for months, and the Dauphin County DA’s office donates $25,000 to help fix the city’s street lights.

Still a hot topic—parking in Harrisburg. On Thursday, the first Harrisburg Parking Advisory Committee met to a public crowd who had much to say about the increased rates and enforcement.

Crime and Public Safety.

Points for the City of Harrisburg to Ponder.