This past weekend, a car accident on the morning of Saturday, October 5th destroyed parts of the community garden on Atlas Street in Uptown. 

2013--Atlas Street Garden Aug 16th

The details of the accident haven’t been confirmed by authorities. The Harrisburg Bureau of Police has the incident listed as “criminal mischief” with little other details publicly available.

However, eye witness accounts have corroborated the vehicle was traveling at high speed, and that the driver lost control crashing into the garden breaking a concrete border, fencing, six boxes, and the compost bin. The driver was taken to Hershey Medical Center, per multiple accounts.

The community garden is part of Green Urban Initiative (GUI), one of the non-profit group’s five gardens throughout the city.

Last September, the city’s Public Works bulldozed GUI’s Uptown garden by order of City Council President Wanda Williams. The privately held land on Atlas Street was donated to GUI to rebuild the demolished garden, which was done in the spring. Over this past summer, a mural was painted there artist Byüri TheFül and Jump Street installed a Peace Wall.

Damage from the accident, vine by Jonathan Smith of Smith Create. Click to view:

GUI is putting a call out asking for help to rebuild this community garden in Uptown.

Jump Street, City of Harrisburg, Atlas StreetWhen: Saturday, October 12th starting at Noon

Location: Atlas Street Community Garden (between Emerald and Woodbine Streets)

Not only will the garden be rebuilt, but there will also be a “potluck harvest party”.

Volunteers are encouraged to bring a favorite dishes to participate.

“GUI hopes to see all gardeners, friends, family and neighbors rebuild and celebrate this wonderful growing season!”

For information on Green Urban Initiative, see GUI’s website here.


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Featured image on homepage by Jonathan Smith of Smith Create

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