33 candidates stepped up

How impressive is that? Thirty-three City of Harrisburg residents submitted applications to fill vacating (soon-to-be State Representative) Patty Kim’s seat on City Council.

Now, some of the names are broadly familiar to citizens since they have run for office before such as Camille Erice, Ellis Roy and Steve Ketterer or because they have previously held offices or positions in the City such Charles Schulz, Michael Parker, Joseph Solomon, and Pat Stringer. Others are known community organization members, religious leaders, and frequent attendees and commentators at various public meetings. Some still are fresh names to many of us, really demonstrating the power of the call and opportunity to step forward to serve the City.

It’s a diverse list of names representing the diverse range of perspectives, attitudes, and commitments that exist in Harrisburg.

So here’s what happens next (per the City Clerk, Kirk Petroski):

Each eligible candidate will be contacted and invited to attend the Public Meeting scheduled for Monday, December 3rd at 5:30PM in City Council Chambers. At this meeting, the six remaining Council members will nominate (1) one candidate of their choice through a secret ballot. I will collect & read the names of the nominated candidates who should be prepared to be interviewed that night. After the interviews are completed, a decision will be made at a Special Legislative Session scheduled for December 11th at 5:30PM in City Council Chambers. The selected candidate will be voted on & sworn in that evening.

While, there is no detailed outline of the procedure of elimination to take the list from all to six (how will each City Councilor decide who to nominate?), it’s good to know that each candidate will be asked to come to City Council Chambers. Not only will the public get the opportunity to see the group of people who are prepared to take the next step in civic duty, but also each one of them will stand alongside the other. En masse. Citizens wanting to take the role of our next elected official. And that is really the interesting aspect of this entire process—no petitions, door to door walks, yard signs, debates, mailers, and election day smiles. No, this group of candidates merely stand eligible on the initial merit of their willingness and desire to be a Harrisburg City Councilor.

Here’s the list:

    • Ellis R. Roy, Jr.
    • Robert J. Drum
    • Chuck Hamilton
    • Steven M. Ketterer
    • Patricia Louise Stringer
    • Eugenio M. Albano
    • Robert Lawson
    • Floyd Stokes
    • Camille Erice
    • Paula E. Bolen
    • Hanniel Sindelar
    • Charles A. Schulz
    • Elizabeth Laribee
    • Kendra Harvey
    • Latasha N. Frye
    • Mike Van Jura
    • Robert J. Williams III
    • Julie Bancroft
    • Michael J. Parker
    • Leigh Ann M. Urban
    • James H. Porter III
    • Bruce P. Weber
    • Carl S. Choper
    • Michael J. Hillman
    • Ralph B. Pinskey
    • Joseph S. Solomon
    • Pamela M. MacNett
    • William J. Henley
    • Roeg Edward Williamson
    • Julie George
    • Kevin Shoaff
    • Jeremiah Chamberlin
    • Mike Barth

Click here for contact information for current Harrisburg City Councilors if you feel you would like to make a comment or ask a question about this list of candidates and/or this process. 

photo by Jonathan Smith