On March 21st, Dauphin County pulled ballot positions. That is, the lots were cast and candidates for elected positions will appear on the May 21st primary ballot as follows (City of Harrisburg offices):


  • Lewis L. Butts, Jr.
  • Linda D. Thompson (incumbent)
  • Eric Papenfuse
  • Dan Miller

HARRISBURG CITY COUNCIL (Vote for not more than Four)

  • Ellis R. Rick Roy
  • Shamaine Daniels
  • Ron Chapel
  • Ben Allatt
  • Pat Stringer
  • Robert Drum
  • Eugenia Gina Smith (incumbent)
  • Kelly D. Summerford (incumbent)
  • Wanda R.D. Williams (incumbent)
  • Camille Erice


  • Charles DeBrunner

HARRISBURG  SCHOOL DIRECTOR 4 Year Term (Vote for not more than Four)

  • Patricia Whitehead Myers (incumbent)
  • Danielle Robinson (incumbent)
  • Kenneth L. Mickens, II (incumbent)
  • James R. Thompson (incumbent)
  • Lionel Gonzalez
  • Lola Lawson (incumbent)

****James Thompson cross filed on Democratic and Republican tickets

HARRISBURG SCHOOL DIRECTOR 2 Year Term (Vote for not more than Three)

  • Adara Jackson
  • Monica Blackston-Bailey
  • LaTasha N. Frye

Candidates have until March 27, 2013, to withdraw. Two candidates have already done so—Jennifer Smallwood for City Controller and Brendan Murray for School Board of Directors. Both candidates had their nomination petitions challenged for what could be considered to be “clerical” errors, and before the legitimacy of the challenges were heard in front of a judge, Smallwood and Murray withdrew their candidacies.

Besides School Director candidate James Thompson who cross filed on both Republican and Democratic tickets, all of the above candidates are running as Democrats.

Nevin Mindlin is filing as an Independent candidate for Mayor. As such, he will not run in the primary, only in the general election.

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