The pubic is invited to attend the first Harrisburg School District Advisory Committee Meeting on Wednesday, January 16th at 6:00pmfirst floor boardroom at the Administration Building, 2101 North Front Street, Building #2. See below for list of Committee members.

As released by the Harrisburg School District Office of Chief Recovery Officer, Gene G. Veno: 


 HARRISBURG, Pa. — Gene G. Veno, the chief recovery officer for the Harrisburg School District (HSD), will convene the first meeting of the Advisory Committee this Wednesday, January 16th at 6:00pm.

Last month Secretary of Education Ronald Tomalis declared the HSD to be in moderate financial recovery status and appointed Mr. Veno as the chief recovery officer. CRO Veno is tasked with submitting a plan by March 12 to put the district on a firm financial footing. Veno, a consultant and educator, is also committed to improving the academic performance of the students.

Act 141, a state law passed last year to improve the financial status and academic performance of a select number of distressed school districts, requires that an Advisory Committee be formed. The committee consists of members of the school board, Superintendent Dr. Sybil Knight-Burney, a principal, district business manager, residents, a superintendent from a neighboring district and employee union representatives.

“I look forward to working with the Advisory Committee, which will help me to design a plan to put the Harrisburg schools back on track,” Veno said. “I appreciate their help, their ideas and their commitment to serve the students of the district.”

“Our students deserve the best schools we can give them,” he added. “If we all work together, we can bring about positive changes so desperately needed. I know that we can do better, and we will.”

The Advisory Committee meeting will be held at 6 p.m. in the first floor boardroom at the Administration Building, 2101 North Front Street, Building #2, Harrisburg. Other Advisory Committee meetings are scheduled for Thurs., Feb. 7 and Thurs., March 7 at 6 p.m. in the same location.

In addition to Dr. Knight-Burney, members of the committee include:

      • Jennifer Smallwood, HSD school board president
      • James Thompson, HSD board member
      • Scott School Principal Donna Cheatham
      • Debra Miller, HSD business manager
      • Lisa Lyles, HSD director of human resources
      • Harrisburg Education Association President Sherri Magnusson
      • Terry Mathis, American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees president
      • N. Nichelle Chivis, American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees representative
      • Mechanicsburg School District Superintendent Dr. Mark Leidy
      • Dr. Mary Jane Gales, Capitol Area Intermediate Unit executive director
      • Sylvan Heights Charter School Director Dr. Kevin Moran
      • Dr. Rachelle Bonfield, retired educator
      • City of Harrisburg resident Karl Singleton
      • City of Harrisburg resident Merry-Grace Majors