The teachers have started and the students will be starting soon, too.


The first day of school for students is:

  • August 18th for all schools grades kindergarten through 8th; Sci-Tech, and John Harris High School grades 11 and 12
  • August 19th for John Harris High School grades 9 and 10

Teachers, though, are starting new teacher orientation this week and in-service days next week.

Parents and students are invited to “Kindergarten Orientation Day” on August 7th from 5-6:30pm at Melrose Elementary School in the gym located at 2041 Berryhill Street.

A New Slogan: E3 = Effectively Evolving Education

The purpose of the program, Dr. Knight-Burney states, is to educate and inform the Harrisburg community and general public about the innovative educational opportunities at the District. The outreach program features advertising on billboards, city buses, and social media as well as short television commercials. “Our goal is to get the word out to the city and surrounding neighbors that the Harrisburg School District is moving in a direction that will educate our children for this century and beyond. Our District is strengthening its commitment to robust and vigorous instruction in order for our children—our future leaders—to achieve educational success in the career of their choosing.”

Name Changes

At the July 21st meeting of the School Board of Directors, the District announced name changes for the middle schools. Instead of “schools,” they will now be “academies” to reflect an emphasis on career path options such as technical schools as well as college upon graduation.

Click the links below more information about each academy.

Other Highlights

Cougar Academy Cyber/Online Learning Opportunities: Cougar Academy is a cyber school exclusively for Harrisburg School District student and offers more individualized learning options using web-based instruction as well as access to teacher instruction. This year, Cougar Academy the district’s cyber school has been expanded to grades 1-12. To apply: Cougar Academy Student Application 

College and Career Academy: A collaboration of District, higher education, public agency, and local business officials. This initiative introduces students at every level (K-12) to various academic, extracurricular, and work-related activities consistent with interests and scholastic aptitudes. Career paths will include science, mathematics, technology, healthcare, human services, agriculture, banking, government, visual and performing arts, engineering, communications, journalism and more. For more information, check out GearUP.

After School Programs:  Extended Program of Learning Opportunities and Recreational Experiences (E.X.P.L.O.R.E) is an after-school program operated by the Harrisburg School District. Per the district’s website, the mission is to extend challenging, vibrant, and relevant learning opportunities to Harrisburg School District students in grade K-12. See: After School Programming

For more information on the the curriculum and instruction Harrisburg School District offers, see here.

Kindergarten Orientation Flyer

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