A review of the news of last week…catch up at a glance.

Election 2013. Less than a month to go until the residents of the City of Harrisburg decide their next mayor.

Thompson’s last State of the City address. And the question is what did she say?

Harrisburg’s Second Street. Restaurant Row has changed with city police officers patrol and cameras added every half block.

The Wild West Auction. It’s estimated that $8.3 million was initially spent on the Wild West Artifacts and Harrisburg could earn $200,000 from the sale of them.

Public Safety and Crime.

The Good Stuff.

Points for the City of Harrisburg to Ponder.

Tara Leo Auchey

Tara Leo Auchey

Creator & editor of today's the day Harrisburg, started in 2009. Resident, engaged citizen, community activist, teacher, strategist, writer.
Tara Leo Auchey
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