by Tara Leo Auchey

On April 24, 2012, attorney Howard Bruce Klein quietly entered his appearance in Commonwealth Court as representative of the City of Harrisburg’s resigned Receiver David Unkovic.

Unkovic submitted his letter of resignation to the Commonwealth Court on March 30, 2012 citing an inability to “effectuate a solution” (see here).

While Senate Bill 1151 amendments to Act 47 present a process on the appointment of a Receiver in Pennsylvania, it is silent on the resignation of one. All but one member of Harrisburg City Council has publicly requested the Commonwealth Court hold a hearing on Unkovic’s departure and the implications of his resignation letter. However, the Court has yet to schedule such a hearing.

In the case that Unkovic should be called to testify in Commonwealth Court, he has retained the legal counsel of Mr. Klein who specializes in white collar criminal defense and civil litigation. Most remarkably, Klein is versed in False Claims Act representations. The False Claims Act focuses on entities that commit fraud by providing false claims to retain government funds and/or contracts. The Act protects whistleblowers.

Since the Court has Unkovic’s letter in hand,  it’s probably unlikely that the Court will hold a hearing on the precise circumstances surrounding the Receiver’s resignation. Nevertheless, David Unkovic has procured  exceptional representation should he be called to the stand.

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