On Friday, July 18th, Mayor Eric Papenfuse accepted $22,000 to be used to replace missing light poles on Front Street. 

photo credit: Bruce Weber

The money was raised from the June 7th Glow Run organized by Lighten Up Harrisburg!, a project of Historic Harrisburg Association. Started in 2012 by resident Matthew Krupp, Lighten Up Harrisburg! is a community collaboration intended to help address the lighting needs of the city.

It’s first project was to donating funds and resources to replace lights on the Walnut Street Bridge.

In collaboration with the Papenfuse Administration, Lighten Up Harrisburg! determined its next great impact would be best focused the darkened Front Street.

“The plan is to start at the north end of the city to install 15 of the missing poles on Front Street,” the Mayor Eric Papenfuse said.  “The donation will cover the cost for these poles and the city is contributing the labor and installing additional poles as a match to their contribution.”

In May, Papenfuse announced the start of a comprehensive lighting program to replace lighting poles and repair fixtures throughout the city. The lighting program is part of an overall plan to replace Harrisburg’s approximately 6,000 street lights  to LED lighting.

Tara Leo Auchey

Tara Leo Auchey

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Tara Leo Auchey