By Andrea Fetchko and Tara Leo Auchey

Updated 6.23.2013 to include location of event. The public is invited to attend, first come, first seating. There is no cost for this event.

The Harrisburg School District has found its renowned speaker for its Recovery Officer’s Advisory Meeting on July 24th.

It is Martin Luther King, Jr’s oldest son, will Martin Luther King III. Actor Cylk Cozart will introduce him.

Chiefly sponsored by HIGHMARK INC (no HSD funds will be used), the event that will focus on the importance of parents involvement in their child’s life. According to a statement released by the District’s Chief Recovery Officer Gene Veno, along with King’s talk, there will be a panel of community members to discuss “the need to curb violence that has seen far too many young people lose their lives this year in our city.”

The agenda has not yet been set, but this preliminary information is confirmed and was publicized during the June 17th’s Harrisburg School Board of Director’s meeting.

Over the past twenty years MLK III has spoken on a national and international scale to  become one of the nations leading “advocates for the poor, the oppressed, and the disillusioned.”

Elected to political office in 1986 he focused on ethics, water purification, proper hazardous waste disposal and minority businesses. Continuing his work after he was no longer in office, MLK III committed himself to the youth and the “betterment of humankind.” He then became the fourth president of the Southern Leadership Conference in 1997, which is father had co-founded forty years earlier. Through his non-profit organization, Realizing The Dream, Inc., MLK III has been able to spread his fathers non-violent message internationally.

This event will be open and free to the public, and will take place at John Harris High School.