Yes, there is a grand jury convened to look into the fiscal crisis of the City of Harrisburg.

People have been calling for it for a long time. As the fiscal mess got tidied up at the end of last year with the monetization of assets, the public push for full recovery grew stronger…and more bitter.

illustration by Ammon Perry

illustration by Ammon Perry

Rates hiked, assets gone, and a city left wondering if there were bad guys out there who were getting away with it.

There was call for more than just the settling of the debt.

There was call for the an excavation of the real story.

To many citizens, the debt plan signaled a defeat because there was no sign of an official probe into the cause of the crisis.

Incompetence? Bad government? Corrupt politics? Criminal wrongdoing?

And all the while the masses grew frustrated and impatient, the investigation was ongoing, by the state and maybe the feds, too.

But we don’t have any of the details. Well, very few.

What we know is this:

• Mayor Eric Papenfuse has confirmed he recently travelled to Pittsburgh to testify before the grand jury

• A wave of subpoenas have gone out although it’s unclear who has received one

• For weeks, members of the State Attorney General’s Office have been working in Harrisburg City Hall locating files thought missing or nonexistent

At this point in time, that’s all that is really known and until there is more, the people of Harrisburg will have to try to be patient.

It’s happening, though. It really is.

Archive article from November 20, 2013: Seeming silence on incinerator probe doesn’t mean nothing is happening

Tara Leo Auchey

Tara Leo Auchey

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Tara Leo Auchey