As posted by the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Office:

Pennsylvania Charter Day is March 10th 

The original Penn Charter that established Pennsylvania in 1681 will be on display for one week only at The State Museum of Pennsylvania. The document will go on display on Charter Day, Sunday, March 10, which is the 332nd birthday of Pennsylvania. In addition to The State Museum’s programming, many historic sites and museums along PHMC’s Pennsylvania Trails of History® will offer free admission on March 10th. Click here for more information about Charter Day activities.

The Charter will be on display for one week.

It’s pretty amazing to see—the old parchment, the English language in a form almost unreadable declaring that William Penn could have the land that is now PA.

Neat facts–the colony of Pennsylvania was the first new world settlement privately owned. Not the King’s. King Charles II owed the Penn family 16,000 pounds (equivalent to $2M today) so he gave them the land in this new place across the ocean.

William Penn, Jr. was pleased with the deal because as a Quaker, he was looking to establish a place to worship freely without persecution. That was the foundation of Pennsylvania. And part of the reason we have so many municipalities. Everyone was welcome.