As released by Mindlin for Mayor

Harrisburg Mayor Candidate Nevin Mindlin Continues Ballot Quest

Says he filed Notice of Appeal to Commonwealth Court Today.

HARRISBURG: Nevin Mindlin, Independent candidate for Harrisburg Mayor, remains confident in his quest for listing on the November 5 general election ballot and will appeal the August 16 ruling by Dauphin County Common Pleas Court Judge Bernard Coates that ordered Mindlin’s name to be removed.

“Over the weekend I have consulted with advisors and several attorneys,” says Mindlin, “and the consensus is that our position for appeal presents sound legal arguments in favor of restoring my name to the November ballot.” The Mindlin campaign has retained Lawrence M. Otter, Esq. to prepare and argue the appeal. The Notice of Appeal was filed today.

Mindlin emphasizes that “hundreds have rallied” to his side. “This challenge to my petition has made the nature of politics in Harrisburg abundantly clear to everyone,” he states, “and nobody likes what they see.”

“As citizens, we have a right to participate in how we are governed. As Mayor, I will fight for the long-term viability of our city with actions that are not shrouded in dark, backroom deals,” he asserted.

“Harrisburg voters believe in our campaign’s message and course of action to reduce crime, fight blight, improve education, and attract jobs,” he says.

Mindlin, who is running a grass roots campaign, has been discussing community issues with voters in a variety of public venues over the last five years. He has, and continues to be, deeply involved with the citizens of Harrisburg, interacting with them through community organizing and action meetings, local festivals and galas, primary election debates, and through countless conversations with individuals.

Nevin Mindlin has a thirty-five year track record of managing large organizations with complex budgets. Active in a number of civic and religious organizations, including Rotary, and Rabbi David L. Silver Yeshiva Academy, he is also a founding member of Debt Watch Harrisburg. Mindlin is an honorably discharged veteran of the U. S. Navy and holds a Master of Arts degree in government with a concentration in urban studies and public policy analysis.