On April 26th, Chief Recovery Officer Gene Veno issued his Recovery Plan for the Harrisburg School District.

Last fall, the City of Harrisburg’s School District was declared in “Moderate Financial Recovery” by the State. This designation means that the school district is in trouble and if nothing is done, its financial recovery will be more severe.

In order to direct a team to fix the district, Gene G. Veno was appointed by the Department of Education on December 12, 2012 to develop a Recovery Plan that does two things:

    • improves academics
    • establishes financial stability

After 135 days, he publicly presented his plan for public review and comment. In order to be enacted, the plan must be approved by the School Board of Directors who are also in the process of developing the 2013-2014 Budget.

The School Board has until May 30th to vote on the Plan. If they vote in favor of it, the implementation begins immediately.

Read the HSD Recovery Plan here>>> HSD Proposed Recovery Plan

a today’s the day review of the plan published on Monday, April 29th>>> See here


Until then, below is a timeline of the Recovery Plan process: