As released by Tri-County Regional Planning Commission:

Tri-County Region Residents, Travelers Encouraged to Share Transportation Priorities

People living, working or traveling in Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties are encouraged to take part in a brief, online survey of their transportation priorities.

The survey at the Harrisburg Area Transportation Study’s survey website  will help determine the long-term transportation needs of the Tri-County Region.  Study participants’ priorities, recommendations and feedback will help transportation planners focus on addressing specific needs with appropriate projects.  The survey will be available beginning on May 7 and will be open until June 18.

The online-only survey takes just a few minutes to fill out.  It asks respondents to list their top three transportation priorities and recommend how much money should go to those projects in a hypothetical budget.  The survey also includes an interactive map of the Tri-County Region that allows participants to rank the importance of bridge, intersection, roadway and other projects.

The information gathered from the survey will become part of the Harrisburg Area Transportation Study’s 2040 Regional Transportation Plan.  A special task force has been developing this plan since the fall of 2013.  The task force is reviewing the current state of the Region’s transportation system, identifying its long-term needs and identifying potential projects necessary to address those needs.  From these findings, the plan will guide and prioritize the distribution of federal transportation funds within the Tri-County Region.


Tara Leo Auchey

Tara Leo Auchey

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Tara Leo Auchey