UPDATED: 5/14/12

On May 11th, Governor Corbett submitted a petition to the Commonwealth Court asking for the consideration of former PA Adjutant General William Lynch.

Amongst other things, he served in the United States Air Force/Air National Guard from 1964-2004. He is no novice to State government having been appointed by Governor Ridge as Adjutant General and Secretary of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs in 1999. Then Governor Schweiker appointed him as Chairman of the PA Emergency Management Council in 2001, and Governor Rendell appointed him again as Adjutant General in 2003. As Adjutant General he was head of the Department of Military Veteran Affairs, overseeing the PA National Guard amongst other things.

A Republican, in 2004 Lynch ran unsuccessfully for Congress.

See his resume in this filing, starting on page 27.

Here’s the petition: Petition for Appointment of a Receiver

Roxbury News videos from the May 11th press conference introducing William B. Lynch:

Hearing Scheduled

Commonwealth Court set the hearing for the petition of nominated City of HBG Receiver William Lynch, May 24th at 10:30am in Courtroom 3001.