As released by The Environmental Advisory Council:
The Environmental Advisory Council Monthly Report for May 2014

Monthly meetings

The Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) meets the fourth Thursday of every month at 6 pm in the Public Safety Auditorium, Room 213 City Hall.

The present members of the EAC are Bill Cluck, Rusty Diamond, Lewis Butts and Rafiyqa Muhammad. There is a vacancy. It is a Mayoral appointment to complete the term of Josh Karns.

 Agendas Include Reports from LCSWA, CRW

The EAC follows a formal agenda, including reports of officers and committees.  The LCSWMA provides a monthly report to enable EAC to track the volume of waste processed from the City. Capital Region Water provides copies of their monthly water and sewer reports.

EAC also now receives copies of environmental notices submitted to the City.

Handouts and Agendas Provided to City Clerk

Copies of Agenda and Meeting Handouts are Provided to City Clerk following the meeting.

 Resolutions Enacted To Date

 2014-001- Recycling Advisory Committee

EAC approved formation of an advisory committee to review the City’s recycling program. Minutes of this committee’s meetings are prepared and included in the EAC monthly reports. The City is losing money on its recycling program. The City is paying to have its recyclables transported to Allentown. There is no contract in effect.  The committee is likely to recommend the City expand its recycling program to include cardboard, which is one of the few materials with marketable value. There is also a need to improve commercial and institutional recycling. Recommendations from the committee will likely be finalized in the next month.

 2014 002 Urban Tree Advisory Committee

EAC approved formation of an advisory committee to review the Urban Tree Inventory recently completed by Penn State. The report makes a number of recommendations for the City’s consideration.  The committee has met twice and will recommend the City advertise and hire an urban forester/arborist funded by the Host Municipality Benefit Fee.  The report identified almost 200 dead trees in the City which may pose a threat to public safety.

2014-003 Environmental Resource Inventory

EAC approved formation of an advisory committee to evaluate the best methodology to prepare an environmental resource inventory.  The environmental resource inventory will be a component of the upcoming comprehensive plan.  The committee will be charged with evaluating whether the City should contract out preparation of the ERI or whether there are sufficient resources among local volunteers.

2014-004 Environmental Grant Program

EAC approved a recommendation for the City to set aside up to $100,000 from the Host Fund for local environmental projects.  The application was approved at our April meeting. Deadline for submittals is May 31.  The EAC will review the applications in early June and make recommendations for funding to the City.

Bicycle Advisory Committee

A group of local bicycle enthusiasts met with City officials seeking support for improving conditions for bicyclists.  They would like the City to obtain Bike Friendly status. One of the criteria to qualify as Bike Friendly is formation of a bicycle advisory commission.  EAC voted to form an advisory committee to determine the feasibility of the City formally establishing a bicycle advisory commission.

Status of Host Fund

The Host Fund presently has approximately $332,000.  The only expenditures approved to date by City Council is $15,000 of the salary for the City planner.

AGENDA for next meeting on Thursday, May 22nd

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