What should a city do when its infrastructure is antiquated and breaking apart?

That was the overall theme of the this witf Radio Smart Talk. Originally aired live at 9:00am on Tuesday, January 8, 2012, this episode features myself, Tara Leo Auchey, and newly sworn in PA House 103rd Representative Patty Kim. We discuss the City of Harrisburg’s recent massive sinkhole situation, the infrastructure upgrades that challenge municipalities in the entire state of Pennsylvania, and capital projects funding as well as regionalism and geological considerations.

To listen: Radio Smart Talk: Harrisburg sinkholes — an aging infrastructure and who pays?

During the program, the City Beautiful Movement is mentioned. It helped the City of Harrisburg before, can it help again? Here’s what it is: The City Beautiful in The City of Harrisburg

The Receiver’s Commonwealth Court-approved Recovery Plan for the City of Harrisburg gives some suggestions on addressing neglected infrastructure. Read over the introduction to hear David Unkovic’s summary of PA 3rd Class City obstacles: Receiver’s Recovery Plan